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December 30, 2023 By: Laura Mattingly
Looking Back - Looking Forward
Do you do a year-end review of your genealogy research? It can be helpful to look back and take note of your accomplishments. Maybe you were able to confidently add new generations to your tree. Maybe you got to meet a distant cousin in person for the first time or traveled to visit ancestral lands. Did you travel to do research in an archive or major genealogical library? Have you fully analyzed and written a conclusion for what you discovered? Did you connect with any distant cousins or collaborate with any of your DNA matches? What was your favorite new resource? 
Focus on the positive. If you didn’t find much in the way of new information, take note of what sources you eliminated. If you attended any conferences, seminars or watched any webinars, review the materials from them and determine any suggestions you haven’t acted on. 
In what way did you share your family history? How did you contribute to the genealogy world? Write about your ancestors and please consider submitting the articles for publication in the Nebraska Ancestree. Were you successful in making progress on your genealogy projects? Plan your time to work on them and you can be. 
Do you set goals for the coming year? Remember when setting goals to make them SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. Do you plan your research projects or trips? Contact the genealogical societies close to where your research is focused, see what you can learn from them.  
Line up some winter genealogy reading. Check the NSGS catalog under “Library” on the left. Members can borrow books for $4.00 each plus return shipping. See our list of "Publications for Sale". Or get a book you’ve wanted to read through an inter-library loan. Look online for free genealogy blogs and newsletters delivered by email.  
Try something new!
These are just a few things for you to think about here at year end. Our wish for you is a happy New Year filled with many new genealogical discoveries! 

May 31, 2023 By: Laura Mattingly
If you research your Nebraska ancestors, you are one of us! Why not see what all we have to offer you as an official member of NSGS. June 1st begins a new membership year. If you are already a member, it's time to renew your dues. You have the option to do that here on the website and you can make your payment online or by mail. Click the Membership tab on the left for membership rates and the full list of benefits. Click "Online Join", then "Next" and follow the instructions to join!
There would be no NSGS without members. Member dues help finance the general operational expenses of any organization, and help us keep the registration fee for our annual genealogy conference affordable. We are run entirely by volunteers. Our board members receive no compensation, but are reimbursed for some expenses. We ask little of our members and do our best to provide them with Nebraska related genealogical information. Our Nebraska Ancestree publications are filled with many interesting personal accounts of the lives of Nebraskans throughout the years. These can be submitted by anyone and are greatly appreciated. All of our membership plans also give you access to our online records and information not available to the general public. You can view some of the applications for Family Recognition certificates that have been scanned - there are some great records in those applications! We have various databases under the Member Login tab. Check out the publications we have for sale to help you with your research. Another great benefit to membership is our genealogy library collection. Members may borrow books from the NSGS library through the mail. The catalog listing on the website is kept up-to-date and instructions for ordering are there as well.
If you are a member and still need to renew your membership, login to the website, go to your profile under "Member Login" and click "Renew Membership". If you'd like to renew at a different plan than your listed with, please contact one of us to help you with the process. To renew at the same plan, choose your payment method (use the dropdown menu for check), check the box and enter the code. The next screen will give you your Order Number/Receipt which you can print to mail with a check. To complete the payment process for online payment, you need to click "Buy Now". You will be directed to the payment screen, follow the instructions there to complete payment. You will be returned to the NSGS payment screen for a successful transaction. You should receive an emailed receipt. 
If you choose to pay by check, please allow at least 2-3 weeks for your payment to process. Our Post Office Box is not checked daily, and deposits are not made on an individual basis. There is also a manual process on the website we handle for members who renew by check. 
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to one of us. We sincerely appreciate our NSGS members! 
April 24, 2023 By: Catherine Renschler
Definitions of Words in Land Records
Definitions of words related to Nebraska land records

Cadastral map            A map showing land boundaries.
Cash Entry Files         A National Archives file containing the paperwork for cash land sales.
Deed                           A written legal document transferring property ownership.
Escheat                       Land ownership that defaults to the government.
et al.                            Latin for “and others.”
et ux.                           Latin for “and wife.”
Grantee                       The buyer.   
Grantor                        The seller.
Homestead                  A tract of land obtained from the government under a homestead law.
Homestead Act           1862 act giving land to settlers who lived on it and made improvements for five years.
Kinkaid Act                  1904 act giving homesteaders 640 acres in 37 Nebraska sandhills counties.
Indenture                     A word for contract or agreement.  
Land Entry Case File  A file related to a parcel of land kept by the General Land Office.
Patent                          The document showing initial transfer of land from the government.
Plat Map                      A map showing parcels of land. 
Preemption                  A filing for the right of first purchase of land.
Preemption Law          1841 act allowing settlers to claim and purchase government land.
Quitclaim Deed           A seller releases all rights or claims to a property. 
Range                         A north/south line running east/west from a meridian. All of Nebraska is either east or west
                                    of the 6th Principal Meridian. 
Section                        A parcel of land measuring one square mile or 640 acres.
Timber Culture Act     1873 Act giving land in exchange for planting trees. 
Township                    A unit of land measuring six miles by six miles.
                                  Townships are measured north/south from a base line.         
Tract Books                Index by township and range of first purchasers of federal land.     
Warranty Deed           A deed in which the grantor guarantees his clear title.          
March 30, 2023 By: Beth Sparrow
NSGS Annual Conference Coming Soon
The NSGS Annual Conference is coming soon, so you need to register soon! 
If you are mailing it in, please do so as soon as possible. Our deadline is April 10. 
The conference is April 21-22 in Kearney, and we have featured speaker Tina Beaird. She will be speaking on sharing and preserving your family history. Our breakout sessions are packed with interesting topics. Friday we have "Involving Youth in Genealogy" or "Kearney's 150 Years: Its History and the Celebration". Both sound great, so it's hard to choose. Friday Tina will teach us how to write our family story, addiing social media to our genealogy repertoire, and how to preserve those family heirlooms. We have a delicious lunch planned and you can socialize with people who love family history, and whose eyes won't glaze over! 
Saturday we start the day with our annual meeting where we will vote on some by-law changes. After that, Tina will teach us how to do oral interviews, and then later we get to learn about treasures in Midwest repositories. Our breakout sessions in the morning include preserving cemeteries or Germans from Russia. Our breakout session in the afternoon is audience particpation. We are having discussion groups, so come learn from all those attending. We have board members leading the discussion groups on (a) cemeteries, burial records and land records, (b) beginning DNA and courthouse records or (c) newspaper searching, blogging and writing. We're excited to try this format of sharing our knowledge and learning from attendees! 
Lunch is provided both days. For your free time Friday evening, the Archway Monument has agreed to stay open late for our group. If that doesn't interest you, I'm sure we can socialize at the hotel. 
We also have door prizes, free books and materials, and vendors! 
If you live in Nebraska or northern Kansas and like genealogy (family history), this is for you! 
You can register online. Just click on "events" at the left, "annual conference" and then the link in gold. 
Please register by April 10th. We have to turn in numbers for meals. 
Hope to see you there!