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Family Recognition Information

NSGS Family Recognition
Catherine Renschler
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The applicant should be a direct descendant of an ancestor who settled in Nebraska. There are three categories of certificates:
        FIRST FAMILY                 Settled in Nebraska by 1867
        PIONEER FAMILY           Settled in Nebraska between 1868 & 1879 
        CENTURY FAMILY          Settled in Nebraska by 100 years prior to current date    
The applicant need not be or have been a resident of Nebraska but must be able to prove descent from a Nebraska ancestor.
Fill out as completely as possible the attached Ancestor Information Sheet and five-generation Chart. If necessary, use extra sheets of paper to include, if known, names of all children in all generations in the direct descent and whom they married down to and including your own family. You may submit computer-generated charts but if you send a descendancy chart, please also send a pedigree (ancestor) chart the same as or similar to the type in your genealogy program. Be sure your name and address are on each sheet.
Each applicant must be accompanied by photocopies of acceptable sources of proof, both for the fact that the ancestor was in Nebraska at the time claimed and that the applicant is descended from the ancestor. For proof of settlement: a state, federal or territorial census (give year and page number); land records; survey or plat maps that include the date; county histories (give title, author, date of publication and page number). If possible include copy of title page. For proof of descent: birth, marriage or death certificates; censuses; county histories; Bible records (copy of title page from Bible to prove date of publication). Send only photocopies of your source of proof. 
Mail the application, copies of proof, and application fee of $15.00 per certificate (checks made out to Nebraska State Genealogical Society) to the Family Recognition Chairperson, address as listed above.
If certificate is wanted by a certain date please allow 2 to 3 months for processing and signatures. 
The application form is under "Downloadable Documents" on our web site.