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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  978.2296 CED Cedar Bluffs In Days Past 1886-1986
View Record  978.2580 CED Cedar County, Nebraska Post Offices and Postmasters 1849-1970 William A. Woodward
View Record  978.2510 CED Cedar Rapids Nebraska 1884-1984 History Book Committee
View Record  978.2510 VF Cedar Rapids United Methodist Church 1882-1982 The Church
View Record  978.2770 HOO Cedarview Cemetery Record (Mullen, NE) (1904-2000)
View Record  978.2322 ALT Cemeteries of Read Township - Butler County Althouse, Jerry A and Ludden, Richard C. 1997
View Record  976.1000 MAR Cemetery Records of Greene County, Alabama and Related Areas Mary Grantham Marshall
View Record  929.3000 SAI Cemetery Relocations by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, IN, IL, IA, MO, AR (1977)
View Record  929.3000 UNI Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Service
View Record  929.3000 KIR Census Records of America (land and military records also)
View Record  978.2000 CEN Centennial Handbook 1854-1954 - planning ideas for Co. or town centennials
View Record  Centennial History of Cheyenne County Fair and Rodeo
View Record  978.2000 MAN Centennial History of the University of Nebraska Vol. I. Frontier University, 1869 - 1919 Robert N Manley
View Record  978.2327 AME Centennial History of Tobias, Nebraska 1884-1984 American Legion Auxiliary
View Record  978.2470 VF Centennial Inquirer - Jan. 1980 - newspaper flyer
View Record  978.2372 VF Centennial Lutheran Church Superior, Nebraska 25th Anniversary 1938-1963 The Church
View Record  978.2490 VF Centennial of the Church of the Visitation at O'Connor, Nebraska 1880-1980 The Church
View Record  978.2254 CEN Centennial Trilogy of the University of Nebraska College of Medicine - 3 vols. University of Nebraska College of Medicine
View Record  Centennial Year of Springbank Friends Church 1881-1981 Allen, Nebraska The Church
View Record  978.2590 HIS Center, Knox County, Nebraska History 1901-2001 Center Centennial Book Committee
View Record  978.2520 CEN Century of Blessings : St. Joseph Centennial, Platte Center, Nebraska 1884-1984 Centennial Book Committee
View Record  636.0890 LEM Century of Veterinary Medicine in Nebraska Lemonds, Leo L. DVM
View Record  977.7250 CER Ceree Gorde County Iowa Cemeteries and Probates 1857-1899 tombstone inscription from 11…
View Record  977.7250 FED Cerro Gordo County Iowa Federal Census 1860
View Record  977.7250 CER Cerro Gordo County Iowa Marriages 1855-1880
View Record  282.7820 HOU Ceske Katolicke Osady v Americe. 1865-1890 (written in Czech)
View Record  929.2000 MAL Cessna Family History - Samuel & Elizabeth Leach Cessna born OH, IL, IA, NE
View Record  929.2000 CES Cessna House - 1935 update of the first series published in 1903 vol. I
View Record  929.2000 CES Cessna House - Cessna family of PA with bio sketches of 11 Cessna families indexed Vol. II
View Record  977.3640 GRE Cessna Park, Illinois 1882-1982
View Record  978.2930 VF Chadron & Gordon Newspaper Obituaries 1980-81
View Record  978.2930 CHA Chadron Centennial History 1885-1985 Narrative History Project Committee
View Record  978.2930 VF Chadron Church of Christ Christian Church History 1895-1971 The Church
View Record  978.2930 VF Chadron Democrat News Articles 1885
View Record  978.2930 VF Chadron Our Savior's Lutheran Church Dedication - Nov. 7, 1971 The Church
View Record  Chadron Prep Directory 1919 - 1961 Alumni Association
View Record  978.2930 VF Chadron United Methodist Church Directory 1972 The Church
View Record  978.2930 EAG Chadron Year Book - 1950 - Eagle's Tale
View Record  929.2000 VF Chamberlain Reunion at Wynot, NE 1940-1943 - many obituaries
View Record  976.4000 HAR Chambers County Texas History 1981 indexed
View Record  929.2000 DCM Chaney and Allied Families Delma McCourt
View Record  978.2000 DEV Changing Winds - One Family's Czech American Experience Circa 1875-1955 Hazel Uhlir Devine
View Record  978.2327 KRA Charles Dana Wilber: Scientific Promoter, Pioneer of the West, and Town Founder E. A. Kral
View Record  (not for mailing) Charles Lewis Wallace Family Allied families are Davis, Deal, Jones, Tracy & Hughes. (notebook not for mailing)
View Record  Charles Linden Culler: Historical and Genealogical Notes On the Life and Ancestry of Charles Linden Culler Thomas R Robertsen
View Record  975.7015 HOL Charleston (South Carolina) Passenger Arrivals 1820-1829
View Record  974.4000 WYM Charlestown (Massachusetts) Estates & Genealogies vol. 1 1629-1818 A-J
View Record  974.4000 WYM Charlestown (Massachusetts) Estates & Genealogies vol. 2 K-Z
View Record  978.2273 VF Charter Oak Christian Church, Talmage, Nebraska 1868-1968 The Church
View Record  978.2870 CHA Chase County History Vol. 1 - 2 town stories, 7 family stories Chase Clounty Historical Society
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Records: 551 to 600 of 4039