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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  978.2250 ANT Antelope County Cemetery Records Vol. 2 M-Z Antelope County Extension Club
View Record  978.2000 ANT Antelope County Early Pioneer Stories Antelope County Resource Center, 2000
View Record  978.2550 HIS Antelope County History 1868-1985 Antelope County Historical Society
View Record  978.2550 ANT Antelope County History 1883-1973 Antelope County Historical Society, 1976
View Record  978.2550 ANT Antelope County, Nebraska Post Offices and Postmasters 1849-1970 William A. Woodward
View Record  978.2930 BLU Antelope Springs Church & Cemetery History, Dawes Co. Blundell, Rosemarie A., 1980
View Record  978,2322 ___ Appleton Catholic Church, David City, 1877-2002 The Church
View Record  Arapahoe 75th Anniversary of Immanuel Lutheran Church 1882-1957 The Church
View Record  978.2273 VF Arbor Lodge & Morton Park Transfer to State of NE Program
View Record  Archer Association
View Record  978.2423 ARC Archer Nebraska Centennial 1887-1987 Noelts, Helen, 1989
View Record  971.0000 VF Arkona, Ontario Baptist Church (1840-1965) Arkona Baptist Church
View Record  971.3270 ARK Arkona, Ontario Through the Years (1821-1976)
View Record  974.4000 ARL Arlington (Massachusetts) Vital Records to 1850
View Record  Armstrong Pedigree Charts
View Record  929.2000 MY Arnold - My Arnold Ancestry, CT to NJ Arnolds to OH to UT
View Record  978.2470 MIL Arnold Community History 1883-1983, One Hundred Years on the South Loup Mills, Norene Hall, 1983
View Record  929.2000 ARN Arnold Memorial - William Arnold of Providence & Pawtuxet 1887-1675
View Record  Arnold's Complete Directory of Phelps County Nebraska 1909 W. H. Arnold
View Record  929.2000 RIC Arnold, William - Decsendants & Others
View Record  929.2000 ART Arthaud, Emile & Susanna 1765-1987 - Arthaud & Ebersol Family includes 5 other allied families
View Record  978.2785 ART Arthur County, Nebraska Post Offices and Postmasters 1849-1970 William A. Woodward
View Record  978.2732 NEW As the Wind Blows - Earl & Rhoda Rowley Adelaide Rowley Newton
View Record  978.2254 RARE As We See 'Em, Omaha : a portfolio of cartoons & caricatures
View Record  Ash Grove and St. Paul Cemetery books Dundy County
View Record  974.4000 ASH Ashburnham (Massachusetts) Vital Records to 1850
View Record  975.6000 HIG Asheville (North Carolina) Normal College Yearbooks - The Highlander 1922, 1938, 1939
View Record  978.2296 GRA Ashland History - Looking Over Our Shoulders - Saline Ford Saga Alice Gilkerson Graham
View Record  978.2296 GRA Ashland History - Looking Over Our Shoulders Vol. 2 Alice Graham
View Record  978.2296 BLU Ashland-Greenwood High School Yearbook "The Bluejay" 1981 Ashland High School
View Record  978.2980 REB Assessor's Books for 9 (Scottsbluff County) Townships: Castle Rock, Ford, Highland, Kiowa, Mitchell, Rose, Roubeau, Tabor & Winter (1898) Rebecca Winters Genealogy Society
View Record  Association of County Officials-100 Years of Excellence 1894-1994 Countyline Commermorative Issue
View Record  978.2397 ADA Assumption Church, School & People 1883-1983 - indexed Trausch, Betty & Renschler, Catherine
View Record  978.2470 GLE At the End of the Trail Oconto Cemetery (1883-2002)
View Record  978.1300 ATC Atchison (Kansas) City Directory 1994 R. L. Polk & Co.
View Record  978.1000 CAR Atchison County Kansas 1880 Mortality Schedule
View Record  978.1300 OST Atchison County Kansas Marriages 1875-1883
View Record  974.4000 ATH Athol (Massachusetts) Vital Records to 1850
View Record  978.2745 MAC Atkinson's Medical Story, horse and buggy to air ambulance 1882-1982 Atkinson, NE
View Record  978.2392 UPS Atlanta Centennial History 1883-1983
View Record  978.2392 ATL Atlanta United Methodist Church 1889-1985 The Church
View Record  Atlas & Plat Book of Holt County, Nebraska (1915) on CD J. D. Golden
View Record  978.2450 ATL Atlas of Buffalo County, Nebraska (1994). Includes reproduction of 1907 Buffalo County Plat Book
View Record  (not for mailing) Atlas of Butler & Polk Counties (1918) (cannot be mailed)
View Record  978.2342 ATL Atlas of Fillmore County 1977
View Record  Atlas of Merrick County (Nebraska) 1963 Title Atlas Co.
View Record  Atlas of Polk County Homesteads, 2017 Pehrson, Richard
View Record  977.357- LOG Atlases of Logan County Illinois 1873-1893-1910 (combined)
View Record  978.2000 NEB Attorneys of the State of Nebraska Directory 1940
View Record  978.2278 VF Auburn Assembly of God Church 1966-1981 - brochure The Church
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Records: 201 to 250 of 3900