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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  978.2296 VF Delta Kappa Gamma Chapter - Wahoo - 1964 Yearbook
View Record  929.3000 DEL DELTA UPSILON Manual 1940
View Record  929.2000 TRY Demings, Their Kith 'N Kin - Vol. 1 & 2
View Record  948.9000 VF Den Danske Didneer - May 1982 Newspaper
View Record  974.8000 SPO Denominations Originating in Lancaster County Pennsylvania Charles Spotts
View Record  359.0000 UNI Dental Corps of the United States Navy 1912-1962 U. S. Navy
View Record  978.2450 DEN Dental, Nurse, Optometry, Veterinarian, Chiropractor & Embalmers 1887-1943 Buffalo County, Nebraska Lyons, Thelma Wiseman
View Record  978.2293 DEN Denton Nebraska Centennial Book 1871 - 1971 Denton Historical Committee
View Record  978.2293 VF Denton United Methodist Church 1893-1993 The Church
View Record  977.7000 ORA Des Moines College Year Book Orange & Black 1917
View Record  929.2000 BRO Descendants of James Brown Senior (17__ - 1833) Who Settled in Augusta County, Virginia between The South River & the "Great Road" That Ran From Waynesboro to Greenville to Lexington, Virginia Edwin Beecher Brown
View Record  929.2000 JON Descendants of James Jones (3rd ed.) Carroll Justice Jones, Sr
View Record  929.2000 YOU Descendants of Josiah Bull Jr. Vol. II Mary Lynch Young
View Record  929.2000 PRI Descendants of Robert & Susannah Barrett and Jeremiah and Elizabeth Barrett of Sommersetshire, England to Saline County and Gage County, Nebraska Elizabeth Price
View Record  929.2000 BER Descendants of Jacob Metz & Susan Bishop with an account of Bishop, Cover, Uglow, & Hurst families Berg, Irene Roberta Williams
View Record  929.2000 KOH Descendants of Joannes Kohel & related families (Auclair, Ferguson, Grube, Horz & Panzer) Michael E. Kohel
View Record  929.2000 HOA Descendants of John Clark of New Haven Connecticut Who came on the Ship "Elizabeth" in 1634 Lloyd Walter (Clark) Hoagland
View Record  929.2000 JON Descendants of John Novell Carroll Justice Jones, Sr.
View Record  929.2000 YOU Descendants of Josiah Bull Jr. (1783-1813) of Dutchess Co. NY - Vol. I Mary Lynch Young
View Record  929.2000 MOL Descendants of Orrin Culver Ruby Fear Molesworth
View Record  Descendants of Patrick & Penolope Dennis Rose Adams
View Record  929.2000 PRI Desch Family History Shirley A. Price
View Record  978.2335 DES Deshler Nebraska: The First 100 Years 1887 - 1987 with surname index Deshler Centennial Committee
View Record  978.2910 DEU Deuel County History Deuel County Historical Society
View Record  978.2910 DEU Deuel County, Nebraska Post Offices and Postmasters 1849-1970 William A. Woodward
View Record  929.1000 LEW Development of Early Emigrant Trails in the U.S. East of the Mississippi River Marcus W Lewis
View Record  978.2357 DEW Deweese Centennial History 1886-1986 Centennial Book Committee
View Record  978.2357 DEW Deweese Hustler - January 7, 1910
View Record  978.2357 DEW Deweese Plat Map - 1980
View Record  978.2327 DEW Dewitt Pictorial History 1872-1972
View Record  978.2327 SHO Dewitt, A Short History of 1872-1972 Tri County Schools
View Record  978.2490 VF Diamond Jubilee of the Church of the Visitation at O'Connor, Nebraska 1880-1955 The Church
View Record  977.7000 SMI Dickinson County Iowa History
View Record  929.2000 TAN Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Canadiennes depuis la fondation de la colonie jusqu'a jours Volumes 1-7 Cyprien Tanguay
View Record  929.2000 HEI Diederich, Joseph & His Descendants in Pictures
View Record  978.2332 VF Diller Alumni Directory 1985
View Record  978.2332 NIN Diller, Jefferson County, Nebraska High School Yearbook, 1913, xerox copy, stapled.
View Record  929.2000 VF Dillon and McConald Family
View Record  929.2000 DIN Dinsmoor Genealogy
View Record  929.1000 DIR Directory of Family 'One Name' Periodicals 1991-1992
View Record  929.2000 BEN Directory of Family Associations, 3rd ed. Elizabeth Petty Bentley
View Record  291.1000 KON Directory of Genealogical Periodicals - 4th edition
View Record  978.0000 KAN Directory of Kansas Newspapers 1984
View Record  975.6000 DOB Directory of Scots in the Carolinas 1680-1830 David Dobson
View Record  942.3700 DIR Directory of Some Cornish Resources in North America and Cornwall (1994)
View Record  941.1000 DOB Directroy of Scottish Settlers in North America Vol. I to Vol. VI (1625-1825)
View Record  917.3040 KON Discover Historic America
View Record  977.7000 PRA Discovering Historic Iowa
View Record  974.9000 RAD Discovering New Jersey - indexed
View Record  977.7000 MEY Discovering Your Iowa Civil War Ancestry Steve Meyer
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Records: 851 to 900 of 4041