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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  978.2394 REM Eaton Township & Heartwell Community Hist 1872-1983 - also Liberty & May twp.
View Record  978.2560 HAN Echoes of the Past and Along Pioneer Trails in Pierce County, Nebraska Esther Kolterman Hansen
View Record  929.2000 PAB Eckholt-Elmer-Schrant-Stoffel Family Tree
View Record  978.2777 ECL Eclipse Cemetery - Southwest of Mullen, NE
View Record  929.2000 EDD Eddy Family in America. Indexed Eddy Family Association
View Record  977.7550 EDE Edenville 1856, Down Memory Lane From Trails to Rhodes, IA 1883 - 1983 History Book Committee
View Record  978.2357 VF Edgar Christian Church 95th Anniversary Program - Oct. 19, 1980 The Church
View Record  929.2000 DOT Edward Doty a Mayflower passenger and Plymouth Settler Ethan Allen Doty
View Record  929.2000 EGG Eggleston, Benjamin Remington Descendants 1982 - wife, Lydia King Fuller & 7 children
View Record  929.2000 VF Ehler, Bowdy Deikan - Four Generation Pictures
View Record  929.2000 SMI Eighty Years of Memories 1870-1958 John R. Smith
View Record  978.2845 VF Eisenhart, Harr, and Lord - Three Family Businesses
View Record  929.2000 VF Eisenhower, Ike-Mamie Buried Here
View Record  929.2000 VF Eisenhower, Mamie Doud - Collage - The Birthplace of
View Record  978.1000 ELD El Dorado (Kansas) City Directory 1985 R.L. Polk & Co.
View Record  978.2550 VF Elgin's W.E. Brooks Mortuary Records 1923-1928 Daughters of the American Revolution
View Record  Elgin. Nebraska Q125 Edition 1989-2014
View Record  920.0000 MAD Eli Lilly: A Life 1885-1977 Eli Lilly
View Record  Ellis Community and Area Schools reunion 100 + 5
View Record  978.2286 VF Ellis United Methodist Church 1969 - 75th Anniversary services brochure The Church
View Record  Ellis, Nebraska Centennial 1886 - 1986
View Record  978.2450 NIN Elm Creek, Nebraska 1887-1987 Elm Creek History Book Committee
View Record  978.2450 VF Elmcreek United Methodist Church 110th Anniversary Memory Book Apr. 24, 1983 The Church
View Record  978.2272 DRA Elmwood, The Life of a community 1886-1986 Cindy Steinhoff Drake
View Record  978.2272 ELM Elmwood: A Village Portrait in Commemoration of Nebraska's Centennial 1867 - 1967 Elmwood Centennial Committee
View Record  978.2880 ELS Elsie Memories, 1887-1987 Elsie Centennial Committee
View Record  929.2000 VF Elwood Family History
View Record  Emerson, NE 1888 - 2013 Celebrating 125 Years: Friendliest Town in 3 Counties Q125 History Book Committee
View Record  Emerson, Nebraska Centennial 1888 - 1988 Centennial Book Committee
View Record  949.2000 HAT Emigrants et remigrants Luxenbouyrgeois De (1876-1900)
View Record  929.3000 COL Emigrants from England to the American Colonies (1773-1776) Peter Wilson Coldham
View Record  973.2000 RARE Emigrants from Great Britain to American Plantations…
View Record  978.1000 EMP Emporia (Kansas) City Directory 1984 R.L. Polk & Co.
View Record  978.2510 VF Enfield, Shoephelt Family & A Private Unnamed Cemetery Ruthie Imus, Alberta McBride
View Record  929.2000 MIL Engelmann Heritage - Peter Engelmann, founded German-American Academy in WI
View Record  929.2000 ART English Ancestry & Home of Pilgrim Fathers - 112 passengers
View Record  941.0000 MOU English Repositories in Genealogical Resources
View Record  978.0000 ENG English, Dr. James Douglass Travel Journal - 1977 "To the West in 1894"
View Record  978.2430 BAH Entering Howard County: a history of the people and the land of Howard County, Nebraska Marion Bahensky and Ron W. Sack
View Record  929.2000 ERN Erny Family - family sheets beginning with Matthias & Elizabeth (Hermann) Erny from France
View Record  Erwin, Phaletus--Original Civil War Discharge
View Record  940.2000 ALB Europe After 1815 (indexed)
View Record  978.2835 EUS Eustis Centennial Community history 1886-1986 Centennial Book Committee
View Record  978.2835 ONE Eustis St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church 1887-1987 The Church
View Record  978.2835 HIS Eustis, progressive bicentennial community Eustis Book Committee
View Record  929.2000 TRE Evelene (Brodstone): The Troubleshooter was a Lady Elizabeth Tremain
View Record  978.2930 VF Evergreen & Bethel Cemeteries Dawes County- tombstone inscriptions thru July 20, 1973
View Record  Every Name Index to Illustrated History of Lincoln County, Nebraska and her people Gloria Pressnall
View Record  Excerpts from The York Republican newspaper York, Nebraska 1886 - 1890 Mary Molt Wheeler
View Record  978.2342 VF Exeter Alumni Directory 1978 Exeter Alumni Association
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Records: 1001 to 1050 of 4039